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Monday, June 26, 2006


its funny how when you become a mom a stupid trip to the store can become the highlight of your day. my friend katie introduced me to barnes and noble b/c they have a thomas train table in the back corner. tonight i found a new place to go... bass pro shop. for the price of $0 i can get my kids totally excited about sticking their head into a shark mouth and forget the $80 we spent at the ga aquarium-- just go to bass pro and my kids will get excited about the albino fish or the wierd eyed catfish even after its swam past them 200 times.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Evel Knievel

man, we've made some major progress today in the Mason fear dept. Yes, that is Mason and he is actually smiling coming out of the slide at ChickFilA. Yes, I had to go with him, but for those of you who know Mason, this is a major accomplishment that he even got within 10 feet of the stairs leading to the tube slides. First he jumped in the moonwalk at church and now this.. i've got a real dare-devil on my hands. At this rate, he might even get in a pool by 18. Watch out. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Grandma trash

so i was driving home from work today and as i was merging over to the left lane and minding my own business i hear all this honking and realize that i am totally cutting off this 70 year old lady with the ball of white hair and im about to run her beat up car off the road. I swerve back in my lane and feel terrible for scaring this old lady to death. Well i end up getting in front of her but i turn around in my car and try my best to motion "im sorry" to her without words. (which is actually not as easy as it sounds.) So at the next traffic light she slams on her gas and i can see her coming up beside me. I am thinking oh good i can say sorry now or possibly get a scolding from an old lady. She pulls up right beside me, slows down with her windows down. I look over to apologize and she is shooting me a bird and screaming "you bitch" over and over. All i can do is start laughing. Who taught Grannie that word and more importantly why isnt she at home baking cookies?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Condiment Whore

I have a real bone to pick after my trip to McDonalds today. When did fastfood chains become so dang stingy with the condiments? I am one of those people who doesnt really like to eat anything dry. I prefer to drench it in condiments to really bring out the flavor. Today I was in a hurry to eat lunch and decided that i would swing by McDonalds and grab a bite and head back to the office. After yelling my order (yes Carrie i supersized) to a woman who i must assume is 90% deaf and 100% dumb, I pulled up to the window to a huge sign that says "Condiments Given Upon Request" and in small print under said "You will be charged 25 cents for additional condiments". Now really people, is this needed? Is McDonalds so bad off that they have to start charging for ketchup packets and do they really need to post warning signs about it? I proceeded to ask the lady if i could have "some" bbq sauce. Apparently "some" means "one" to her and she hands me a packet. At this point I am feeling like the annoying customer, but my gosh i got a chicken sandwich and fries and that one packet is going to last me about 2 bites. I ask for another one and she says she can't give it to me for free. I pulled away and was so mad about the one packet and my dry fries that i pulled into a parking spot, marched in and went to the counter and asked for 3 bbq sauces. The clueless lady at the counter gave them to me with no argument. Mission Accomplished. Way to stick it to the man Amber.