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Monday, November 12, 2007


I was gone to Florida this weekend and so last night when I got home we went to Sonnys and the kids were catching me up on their weekend at Grammie and Papa's house. I dont know if other moms have this problem but my children do not know how to talk in a normal speaking voice. They yell everything they say. It seems like the voices go up a couple of levels higher if we are sitting in a restaurant. This way the entire restaurant gets to be a part of our dinner conversations which usually consists of who just farted or figuring out some way to put the word doo doo in a sentence and then dying laughing at an even louder volume. And thats just Kevin and my conversations. :) So back to the weekend at Grammie and Papas.. Mason has up to this point taken the lead on explaining the details of the weekend. Suddenly Kendall jumps in extra loud with her one detail from the weekend.. "We ate Vagina last night". I figure I've just heard her wrong until the third time she repeats it. "WE ATE VAGINA LAST NIGHT" Kevin grabs her arm and pulls her right next to his face while trying hide the fact that hes about to burst out laughing.. "its lasagna Kendall, we ate lasagna."
And I thought I was a bad cook.