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Thursday, September 27, 2007

beauty product hell

after this morning ive got a quick bone to pick with all beauty companies. there are certain things in life that are worth stressing over.. then there are things in life that make no sense and its like companies set things up just to annoy their customers. Example #1 - Shampoo and Conditioner. Why the heck do they come in different size bottles? i feel like its an endless game of catch up that im tired of playing. EVERY single time one runs out and the other is like 1/4 still full. What did conditioner do to earn the smaller bottle? I shouldn't be forced to do math problems in the shower to figure out what proportion i should use of each to even out the playing field. Example#2 - Falling deodorant. Why cant beauty companies secure the deodorant stick to the inside of the applicator? I am not lying when I say that once every two months I am on the floor picking up the deodorant that fell out and broke into pieces. Maybe its just Dove that does that.. but you either keep it so rolled down that you have burns on your armpits from applying it or you get to remove all of the carpet fuzz and puzzle it back together after it falls out and breaks into a million pieces. This morning I gave up and just smooched one of the smaller broken pieces under my arm and rubbed it in. Now the puzzle will never fit together.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bec gets Hitched

Well, its official.. the Mayfield Family is closed for business. Rebecca got married this past weekend. She was a beautiful bride and the wedding was a blast and my kids (and Heathers) did great walking down the aisle. I had a little bit of bridesmaid dress drama before the wedding. When the dress arrived it was much too big in the chest and way too tight in the hips. I think there are two words for this problem... Pear and Shaped. After the seamstress took the dress out as much was possible it was still too tight. So in true Amber 'wait until the last second' fashion I just starved myself the week before, spent 6 out of 7 days at the gym and found the greatest thing ever made.. Spanx. You see, I really like to tackle things the healthy way. Luckily after a week of hell, the dress fit fine.
Now lets talk about what the week after the wedding has looked like for me....
-I decided to sleep in on Monday instead of going to the gym b/c afterall it was a stressful weekend for me and we did do a lot of dancing at the reception.
-On Tuesday I went to the Chinese all you can eat buffet and got my $6.95 worth plus about $10.50 more
-On Wednesday me and Coke rekindled our love for one another.
-On Thursday I ate so much Italian food for lunch that I literally felt like I couldn't move. This included 4 huge garlic rolls before the meal even came to the table. Then came home and ate a huge helping of lasagna.
-Today (Friday) I decided to go with a lighter/healthier meal and eat Captain D's where in addition to my fried fish me and Mom ordered some cracklins (if you're not familiar -this is just fried fat that they will give you for free) then I couldn't ignore the voice of Starbucks calling me in to order a Grande Mocha Frappachino.

All in all I would say thats its a dang good thing I wont be wearing the dress again any time soon. Next week I am totally gonna get back on the road to skinny.