How did i get here?

there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

monkey child

i never had to worry about sweet little mason getting into anything as a baby. he just stayed where i told him to and all i had to do was turn on a movie and he was glued to his seat. Amber Part II (otherwise known as Kendall) is part chimpanzee. Yesterday we finished breakfast and had gone upstairs to get clothes on, etc and i turn and Kendall is no where to be found. I figure a total of 2 minutes have gone by so she couldn't have gotten far. Boy was I wrong. After searching the upstairs and beginning to panic just a bit i ran downstairs only to find her sitting on top of the kitchen table with Masons leftover bowl of fruity pebbles on her face. She had seriously crawled down the stairs, ran to the kitchen, climbed up on top of the table and literally had the bowl over her face so she could lick out the inside. All of this in under 2 minutes. I smell an Olympic medal.