How did i get here?

there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I've really fallen behind on the blogs- its seems like our life has picked up speed lately and I don't think its ever slowing down again. I am currently looking like a leper after deciding to be a good wife and do some yard work. Apparently its not a good idea to clean up a bunch of ivy with short sleeves and no gloves. I was hoping to get some sun in the process and all I ended up with was poison ivy. The day after I woke up with a huge sore on my arm which I concluded was a spider bite and decided I should try to squeeze it and scratch it all day. Well, now two and half weeks and two shots and a round of steroids later- I am covered in it. The best part is that Kevin and I are going on a cruise in two weeks- so now maybe no one will notice my big butt b/c they will be so focused on the leprosy on my stomach. NICE.