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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

control myself

So I'm pretty much a hip hop dancer these days. After being inspired by 'So you think you can dance'.. me, sarah and emily (and rebecca when shes home) started taking dance class every tuesday night. its seriously one of the most fun things ive ever done in my life and i leave pouring in sweat every week. anyway, they do a performance twice a year and me, sarah and emily were in it last month. heres our performance... its a really ghetto copy and toward the end you will see sarah fall b/c she dislocated her knee during the show (yes, we are hardcore). i am the one on with the right at first and then in the back left during the second part. You can spot me if you just look for a tall chimpanzee in a short sleeve hoodie swinging her arms around.


Monday, April 09, 2007

#2 is 2

My baby girl turned two.. had to give her a shout out.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

the egg hunters

well , we had a really weak showing at the lilburn park easter egg hunt. it was actually the most pathetic easter egg hunt ive ever been a part of. first of all, they didnt even have the plastic eggs that you put candy in.. they had just thrown down a bunch of those nasty hard candy eggs that have the white lining inside and taste like poop. secondly, they seriously put out 100 eggs for about 5 million kids. let me recap the event for you.. "ok kendall lets go find some eggs" (we take 4 steps and 2 seconds pass) "oh wow, looks like they are all gone sweetie, lets go home" kendall got one mercy egg on our way out from a parent who chunked one at her foot so we could pretend Kendall had found it. the funniest part of it all is that my kids got one piece of candy a piece but talked about it all weekend. we did play on the playground, so the morning wasnt a total loss. next year, they should really just advertise to leave your baskets at home because as long as you have one working hand (or even a prosthetic hand) you will have NO problem carrying your loot home. dont these people know the real meaning of Easter??

So.. after being tired out from the big hunt, we ate dinner at Chilis. Kevin and I wanted to find a table where we could see the TV to watch the final four game. After the hostess talked us out of trying boosters at a high top table, we finally found a table where we could barely see the TV and would just take turns running up to see the score. Mason had already asked me 15 times if I could help him with the crossword puzzle on his kids menu to which i had replied, "no, mommys watching TV." Suddenly, I see this lady frantically running toward us from across the restaurant and then watch her remove a huge steak knife from Kendall's mouth. These are the moments in life when you just do the fake laugh and act like you are a complete moron.

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