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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

december recap

to recap december in a nutshell...
Kendall face planted into our fireplace and chipped off her front tooth and bruised her face. I literally cried for 3 hours straight and she was fine in 10 minutes. This occured exactly one week before she was to be the flower girl in Trey and Kelly's wedding.

Trey and Kelly got married on December 16th. The wedding was beautiful except for one part... my child. Kendall had a melt down before she was to walk down the aisle. She was screaming at the top her lungs and as I stood in the front of the church I wished I could have hid in the poinsettas. I cannot give Kendall full credit for ruining the wedding b/c her cousin Jonathan deserves his share, however he pulled it together just in time to walk the eisle and leave kendall in a pool of her own tears. As I stood watching the whole thing unfold Im not sure if I was more upset at her for disrupting Trey and Kellys big day or for flushing the $75 i spent on her outfit down the toliet.

Sadly, this is the best picture i have of my children at Christmas this year. Its especially sad b/c this was taken at Picadilly next to the stupid snowman who wouldnt stay facing forward.

Mason turned 4 the day after Christmas. After two days of getting way too many presents, Kevin and I were just about ready to ring his neck. Each year after Christmas, birthday and too much time with grandparents our house becomes a detox facility where we attempt to de-brat our children. Mason is just about to complete his 12 step program and we've just decided to throw in the towel with Kendall. Posted by Picasa