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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Mason's nighttime prayers have been especially funny lately. Had to share a great one from last week.... "Dear Heavenly Fadder, thank you so much for this beautiful day. Thank you that we can't call people fat because it will hurt their feelings but we can call animals fat because they don't care. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Whats a mom gotta do to get one good picture?

My goal today was to get one good family picture and a good picture of the kids. Growing up, I always thought it was annoying that Mom would make us all keep on our Sunday clothes for an Easter picture after church. Now I am the annoying Mom and Kendall already hates the whole idea. Being a rookie, I waited until after everyone had eaten and way past nap time before I decided to go outside for pictures. As I was loading Kendall outside-- I see Mason coming down the stairs in gym shorts and Tshirt. (Kevin apparently doesnt understand how much this stupid picture means to me). After taking his Sunday afternoon poop, Mason had pulled up his pants (before wiping his butt) in the bathroom and we now had a nice brown spot on his Easter outfit, so Kev had changed him. After yelling at both of them, I marched Mason back upstairs to put his Easter clothes back on. (Yes, i put new pants on him) By this time I am sweating and mad at everyone so the pictures arent all that great. Maybe we can get a good Mother's Day picture. (ps.. if you didnt know-- that is Heather's little boy Jonathan in the picture- I didnt have another child) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another Mayfield in the making...

After one long roadtrip, a million toll booths (Flordia sucks) and a big fat $200 speeding ticket for Bec-- Trey and Kelly are engaged!! Me, Bec, my mom road down with Trey to Key Largo on Saturday to help him set up for his proposal. Kelly was down there on vacation with her family and had no clue that he was coming down. We found this perfect secluded beach and set up tiki torches and had the path to the beach lined with candles and rose petals. Kelly's family was in on the whole plan and she thought they were going to see sea turtles at sunset. Instead she found a message in a bottle that told her where to go and Trey was waiting for her at the beach. He sang a song that he wrote for her and then asked her to marry him. Meanwhile, me and Bec were setting up fireworks and hoping that there were no cops around. The whole thing went off perfectly and Kelly was completely surprised. We couldnt be happier about Kelly becoming a Mayfield!! Posted by Picasa