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Monday, July 31, 2006


got kendalls one year pictures and had to share. mason is gone to the beach this week she's been playing only child for a couple of days. the three of us took a trip to olive garden on friday night and we kept hearing kendall fart all through dinner. of course b/c kev and i are so mature we cracked up to the point of crying every time she did it. kev ordered spaghetti which i commented smelled like poop from the moment it arrived. turns out it wasnt the spaghetti that smelled. when we went to pull kendall out of her seat she had literally soaked the front of her dress with green poop. its always a mystery to me how a child can poop sitting down and somehow it blows up the front and covers their chest. turns out the farting wasnt so funny after all. we literally carried her out of the restaurant and through the parking lot by her arms with her body swinging below in order that she would be the only one covered in poop.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

vegas baby

we got back from vegas about 530 am this morning after the redeye flight from hell. we spent the week with the godfrees and had a blast. kev and i slept all afternoon so we are in full swing tonight when we are supposed to be going to bed- its going to take me a couple of days to get back on atlanta time. the last night we were there we walked up on nicholas cage filming a movie and we were literally 3 ft from him - it was pretty cool. during the last take before he walks into the golden nugget casino we decided that they would never know we werent paid actors and we jumped in with the other extras and were walking right behind him. the movie is called 'Next' and you better believe we will be there opening night to see if we made the cut. the last picture is this thrill ride on top of the stratosphere-- if youve never been to vegas, this is the tallest building west of the mississippi. at the top they have a couple of thrill rides and you know i wasnt about to pass them up. eric was the only one i could talk into doing this one with -- its called insanity and it basically hangs you over the side of the building and drops you to a 70degree angle and swings you around. it was so dang fun but i have seriously never seen eric godfree so scared in my life. if you ever go to vegas.. youve got to try it.

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