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Friday, August 17, 2007

14000 feet with Bec

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Top Five Moments In Life

Today's moment came in right under the birth of my children (and possibly tied with it). I got to stand around and shoot the breeze with Luke Perry and have my picture made with him (please do not miss that his hand is around my waist). For those of you who dont know how HUGE this is.... let me take you down a quick 90210 memory lane. 1990- 1995 I'm 13 years old and I sneak to watch this new teen drama called Beverly Hills 90210 every week b/c i know my parents will never approve. I proceed to fall in love with Dylan McKay. I have his poster hanging above my bed and dream of our wedding. 1996-1999 I'm living in Athens and my best friends and i get together every Wednesday night to watch. This is also the time that me and Julie begin to watch every old episode over again until ridiculous hours of the night. 2000- One of the saddest days in History, the Season Finale of 90210. We have a huge party at Lesleys apartment for the big event of Donna and David's Wedding. We all decide that we will dress up like the characters and we even had a cake made. I decide to be Donna Martin and show up at Lesleys wearing my wedding dress. The ceremony was beautiful and we all cried when Kelly and Dylan got together at the reception. 2001- Kevin and I decide to take a vacation and somehow we end up in Beverly Hills 90210. Its kind of like a Muslim making their pilgrimage to Mecca. I drag Kevin to every known site that was shot on the show to have my picture taken. Today topped it all when Lesley and I got to go see Luke (yeah, we're like best friends now) working in town on an independent film hes starring in. We also hung out with John Gries (Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite) and I've included his picture, but didn't really want to take anything away from my boy Luke Perry.